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Welcome to Renta-VW.
The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to cheap car rentals in Cape Town only. 

 Insurance, deposits and Excess:
Your financial safety is important to us. We therefore have included in your daily rate, full comprehensive insurance up to five million rand. So, financially, you are protected. If you damage your vehicle/other vehicles your maximum penalty would only be your deposit. For minor damage, you only pay for actual cost of damage up to your deposit level.

 PCI compliant Credit Card processing:
For cheap car rentals in Cape Town, the rental that is payable by the rental client will be processed using a PCI compliant back office interface provided by Paygate. Using a PCI compliant interface will ensure secure processing of the clients Credit Card information and that any Credit Card information is stored in a safe and secure manner. No imprint of the Renter's Credit Card will be taken when the rental client takes posession of the rental vehicle.  No third party cards is accepted and the Renter needs to ensure that he/she has a valid Credit Card present in order to take delivery of the rental vehicle.

Collection/ Return and Refund Policy:
The renter shall take posession of the rental vehicle at the Mojo car rental office at 20 Middel Street, Bellville, Cape Town or be delivered to the Renter's preferred delivery address subject to a delivery charge. Damage to paintwork, interior and rims will be recorded on the rental contract. The vehicle is released with a full tank of petrol. The vehicle will be inspected on return of the vehicle and any new damages will be recorded. If your vehicle is damaged, the damage will be assessed, and a repair invoice will be sent to you. Should the damage amount be less than the deposit then the repair cost of the vehicle will be deducted form the client’s credit card. Any remaining monies on your deposit will be refunded to you within 48 hours. The vehicle shall be returned to the Renta-VW car rental office at 20 Middel Street, Bellville, Cape Town.

Driver/ Driver's licence:
The renter/ additional driver(s), should be in posession of a valid unendorsed driver’s licence. The renter should provide Renta-VW representatives with original international or South African driver's licences of which copies will be made at our car rental office. During the rental period, the vehicle may not be driven by any other person than the renter or an additional renter whose name is on the contract.

Accident Procedure:
If, during the rental period, the vehicle is involved in any accident or collision or is lost or the vehicle or any part of the vehicle is stolen, the renter shall:

1. Notify Renta-VW immediately.
2. Obtain the name (s) and addresses of everyone involved and possible witnesses.
3. Not admit any responsibility/liability nor release any party from liability (potential claim) against/by any party nor accept a disclaimer of liability.
4. The renter shall report the incident at notify the police within 24 hours of the occurrence and get a case number.
5. Complete and furnish the owner with a full report on the accident, all details of the drivers and
vehicles involved in the accident.
6. The renter shall fully co-operate with Renta-VW and the insurance company contracted by Renta-VW.

1. All overdue payments will be charged at R30/day.

2. The renter is responsible for payment of fines/traffic offences and an additional R150 administration fee per fine/traffic offense. Renta-VW will be responsible for all fines/traffic offences once client has paid in full.
3. The renter may cancel the contract, however, a cancellation fee of 30% of the remaining contract will be charged. No refunds on cancellation for rentals under 7 days.
4. Please ensure that roof-racks are correctly positioned/secured on the vehicle. Renta-VW will not be held responsible for roof-racks that cause damage to equipment, or vehicle hired.
5. Renter will be responsible for any extras that have been hired such as GPS, roof racks, surfboards, camping equipment – damage to these extras will be charged at replacement value. (Extra deposit required for surfboards/camping equipment)

* Garden Route/West Coast: NB within 750km radius of Cape Town – R 499
* Within South African borders / National – R1299
* If travelling further than 200km from the Renta-VW, it must be discussed with the allocated manager and marked on the contract.
Non-disclosure will result in breach of contract, loss of deposit and any additional expenses incurred in repair or recovery of vehicle. If renter during the rental period decides to travel further than 200km from Cape Town centre, this must be communicated via e-mail before the road trip commences: info@rentavw.co.za in order to get permission via email.

* This document contains the entire agreement between the renter and Renta-VW.
* Neither party shall be bound by undertakings, representations, warranties, promises (other than Renta-VW representative extending the agreed return date in writing) not recorded herein and signed by the Renta-VW representative. Neither Renta-VW nor any member (s) of company or staff shall be liable for any loss/damage (including property), without limitation, any defect and/or mechanical failure of Renta-VW to detect defects/mechanical problems with the vehicle and whether such loss/damage results from breach of contract, which may be suffered by the renter and/or a third party and/or passengers. The renter will be responsible for all legal costs with no limitation, should legal proceedings arise between him and Renta-VW.
* The renter acknowledges that renting an older vehicle poses a greater risk of injury/loss/death.

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